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I was checking my favorite blog this morning, World of Wonder (the company that produces shows like Ru Pauls Drag Race) and I was shocked to find I made their Internet Crushes of the Year list. WHAT the WHA? I’m shocked but honored to be in the company of such amazing bloggers.

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  1. antoneux said: With good reason, you are super cute, sexy and talented. :)
  2. disko-tek said: Will you still remember me when you’re e-famous?
  3. pjayk reblogged this from ultragraphique and added:
    I’m shocked and honored too! Thanks to Rudy for pointing this in my direction initially!
  4. mramorphous said: Congrats sir!! :)
  5. tmnlsn said: Makes sense.
  6. spookytvshow said: it’s so easy to be popular when you’re gay!