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Illustrator Anna Bond and floral designer Amy Merrick.

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Making my dude ultragraphique his birthday cake yesterday… #CasualCooking

Best birthday ever!
Last night was kind of a blur…. But a wonderful blur. Thank you to all the beautiful ladies that came out to show me birthday love and thank you @atomictantrum for making this birthday thee best one yet. #payingforallthisfuntoday #goodhurt
According to this calendar it’s my birthday! #andRigostoo #bigboyvintage #calendargirl #donutsanyone?
Had an amazing time last night celebrating my birthday weekend with all my friends. Special thanks to my man @atomictantrum for throwing me a surprise birthday dinner last night. I was so shocked to see all the people I love. #greatbirthdays #bestboyfriend (at LASH)


Just laying next to my beautiful man atomictantrum as he sleeps. Drunk and so in love. Just came back from a birthday dinner in downtown that he surprised me with which included all my closest friends. No one has ever treated me this kindly and has made such an effort to make me feel so special as this man. So excited for our future… To the point where I dream about our life together and the home we’ll eventually share and make.


Thom Browne 2014-2015

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