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I’ve been drinkin’ #FromALeg #L’eggs #theyrethreefeettall #vlv17  (at The Orleans Hotel & Casino)
With two of the most gorgeous girls at Viva. @torchestogether_ @theblackpinup #myidols #pinup #vlv17 #Naomi #Tyra (at The Orleans Hotel & Casino)
Just got to Vegas with @atomictantrum and I’m greeted with chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne. Thanks @reginajaree22 This weekend is going to be amazing. #vlv17 #pleaseknocknexttime #doinstuff (at The Orleans Hotel & Casino)
Glowing gummy aura.


Sarah illneberger, Seek no Further / Fruit of the Loom

Just a little something I whipped up for atomictantrum last minute for Viva Las Vegas.

Hey folks!
Commissioned by Tony (blog somewhat NSFW) for his boyfriend, Matt.  They’re such a cute couple and they have great style.  I loved working on this one!
Commissions are still currently closed.  I will announce when they are open again.

♥  ♥  ♥

Leta Sobierajski - Odd Pears Campaign

I woke up like THIS?! Ouch @rhondaintl #ACCR

hallway of mystery by skyvillain on Flickr.